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Stand up for your talent

With Filmijob you can interview your candidates automatically, be 10 or 10.000

An image is worth a thousand resumes

The candidate can respond whenever and wherever he wants, thus eliminating any geographic or temporal barriers.

Record the questions

Add the questions you want to send to the candidates

They respond on video

Share the link or incorporate it into your selection process

Check answers

View the video and access all the data derived from it

System assisted by Artificial Intelligence

Our algorithm measures reference points in your voice and face to give you much more information.

Detection of emotions from the candidate's facial expressions in each video.

Transcription into text of all the interview responses and analysis of the sentiment expressed.

The video allows the candidate to demonstrate their communication skills, Languages, passion or image.

Boost your employer branding by showing your facilities in the interview, colleagues and way of working.

The power of a smile: Research shows that whoever smiles is perceived as a better professional.

Use cases

A flexible and fast way to build a winer team


Conquer the best junior talent with impressive programs and evaluating the potential of your candidates. It offers a great experience and finds a way to develop its full capacity.

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Optimize your recruitment processes with Artificial Intelligence. Access a greater number of candidates and a much greater depth of analysis.

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Ideal for chains that want to optimize their selection. Make the talent find you, and create a talent pool to turn to when you need it.

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Are you ready to get more and better talent?

Enjoy the new talent revolution now