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Become a seller of our service

And earn incredible commissions with every sale

Receives the 20% commission for each new customer. You will have control at all times of who is registering, who and when do you hire the service and what is your commission for recommending that client.

The 6 reasons why you want to become a Filmijob affiliate

Trusted company

It promotes a quality service that some of the best brands in the world already trust

Accurate tracking

You will have reports in real time, so you can measure the effectiveness of your actions

Professional help

You will have the help of experienced affiliate managers, completely dedicated to you

Payment record

You will always know with total transparency which payments have been made and which are pending

Promotion tools

You will have multiple creatives for the promotion: presentations, scripts, videos…

Fully international

Benefit from promoting a new way of finding talent worldwide


Register your account

Complete the form, choose a payment method and access your affiliate panel


Promote Filmijob

Use our promotion tools to show the service to your contacts


Receive payment

Get unlimited payments when your contacts contract the service through your links

Promote Filmijob from anywhere

Take advantage of your Human Resources contacts by offering them a
top quality service to attract talent in your company

A 20% of commission of the payments of each new client.

Unlimited clients. Add as many as you can.

Easy customer registration. Passive income.

Monthly payment during the first year of the contract.

Internationalized system. Sell ​​to customers from anywhere in the world.

Marketing tools

You will have presentations, landing pages, videos and sales scripts. Everything you need to get the best performance possible


In your affiliate area you have a link generator. It will be of great help to segment your Marketing campaigns.


Our optimized banners will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. All our material is produced by a team of specialists.


Video is known for its ability to engage the viewer at a level that images and text cannot reach. With our videos you can present the Filmijob offer in a more dynamic way.


Our email templates have proven effective in turning your HR contacts into customers.


When users click on your link, will be directed to one of our attractive landing pages, that maximize the conversion of visitors into clients.

Frequent questions

We solve all your doubts

What if I don't sell?

We do not charge any fees in our affiliate program. If you don't sell nothing happens.

However, If you see that you are not selling everything you would like Contact us. We will study your page and your links to see what aspects can be improved and boost your sales.

What if the client cancels the service?

Then, if a customer cancels the service during the first 60 days the commission will not be paid to the affiliate. further, Filmijob reserves the right to cancel services to clients that are considered fraudulent.

Join our great affiliate team

And earn incredible commissions with every sale