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Recruitment at the point of sale

Make the talent find you. Could it be easier?

Your selection processes on autopilot

Our algorithm will do the work for you. Give your point of sale managers full autonomy so they can quickly access the best talent whenever they need it.

Unique solution

All applications will be available through the platform and accessible so that each manager can manage their selection processes.. Paperless and with a common database.

Decentralized selection

Each manager has an individual access to the platform, so that each one performs its own processes independently, but assisted by our ranking algorithm and by the Talent department.

Self appraisal

The candidate selects where he wants to work and self-evaluates

Talent ranking

Our predictive algorithm automatic initial screening

Total control

Masterfully manage the relationship with your candidates

Interview thousands of candidates effortlessly

Candidates can complete the interview from their phone at any time

From the point of sale

Take advantage of the power of your points of sale as talent recruitment channels to reach a greater number of candidates with a minimum investment.

Common database

GDPR Compliance

No more paper resumes

Permanent update

Minimum investment

Are you ready to get more and better talent?

Enjoy the new talent revolution now